Whether you face an emergency outage, a planned project, or a surge in demand, cos name KPMS can solve your power generation challenges with our Specialized Fleet of Generator Rentals. Ranging in size from 125 KVA, 200 KVA, 320 KVA, 380 KVA, 500 KVA, 625 KVA, 750 KVA, 1000 KVA & 1250 KVA in CATERPILLAR & CUMMINS brand. We have the generator rental in the size you need to get job done and to keep your power on.

For over Eighteen years KPMS has supplied reliable on site power systems to keep operations running smoothly. Rental power solutions are available to meet temporary and permanent short & long term power needs each time, every time to meet your power needs anywhere.

KPMS has Rental Power units for your wide range of power needs. Industries in which our rental generators have been used include construction, data centers, entertainment, government, healthcare, hospitality, institutional, manufacturing, media, mining, oil & gas, retail, services, telecommunications, utilities & more.

KPMS provides power on site, on demand & on time. Whatever your power need, we will deliver the best solution.

Reliable, cost effective, short & long term solutions are available. We offer you with most comprehensive range of diesel fuelled generator at best rental prices.

We deliver powerful personalized services. From the moment you contact us our utmost concern is providing technical & logistic solutions that precisely meet your application from our vast in stock inventory.

Satisfaction is our highest concern from initial inquiry to installation, start-up & continued support 24/7.